Video Style Guide


This option is most common for a general “About Us” video. It incorporates talking head sound bites with b-roll shots of your office, products, locations. Companies have great success with this style because it gives a face to the company. The talking head can either be an interview, where the subject looks slightly off camera, or a direct address style, looking directly into the camera.


Montage videos are a perfect for showing off your product or service. They only require b-roll footage and a music track. We capture on-location b-roll, which are the clips of your office, products, or people. Montage videos are great to highlight an event or location. 

Text Captions

Text caption videos are a great way to format videos for social media. Since a majority of videos on social media are watched without sound, this allows you to still convey your message through on-screen text. The script-writing process is also simpler. This style tends to be the most affordable option.

Motion Graphics

If you’re looking to explain a complicated product or service, you may want to utilize a motion graphics or animated video. This style is great because it doesn’t require any on-site video production. While you save on production costs, the editing tends to be more complicated, as text and graphics all need to be designed from scratch. Motion graphics can be incorporated into other styles for added production value.

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