Here At Harkins

Recruitment Video Series:

Additional Videos

We're All Related

Videos showcasing the culture of the company are key to humanizing a large organization. This video aims to highlight some of the family culture within Harkins by featuring several of their related employees. 

Employee Spotlight
50 Years At Harkins

Get to know Bob Aaron, Harkin’s longest-tenured employee. Employee spotlight videos are a great way to recognize key employees and share with your audience the personal side of the company. 

Holiday Video

An end-of-year video highlighting all the best parts from the year. This year in review video used pre-existing photos and videos edited together with a video message from the president of the company. 

Animated Logo Video

The Harkins logo has transformed several times over since the company was formed in 1963. Dew Point Media created this animated motion graphics video to show how the Harkins logo has changed and evolved over time. 

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