First Line Technology

Video 1

About First Line Technology

This video is the main brand video for First Line Technology. It describes who the company is, what they do, and what products they offer. This video is the featured video on the homepage of their website.

Video 2

About First Line Utilization Academy

First Line Technology offers a course for first responders called the First Line Utilization Academy. This course teaches users the best practices for utilizing the products they offer. This video serves as an introduction to what the course offers and the benefits for enrolling. 

Video 3

Client Testimonial

This testimonial video highlights a real user experience to promote the benefits of first responders joining the First Line Utilization academy. The video uses b-roll shots of the class in action to provide more context about the course.

Videos 4-9

Demo Videos

This video is a demonstration on how to use one of First Line Technology’s products, Dahlgren Decon. Dew Point Media also edited 5 additional demo videos for First Line Technology showcasing the rest of their product line.

Video 10


First Line Technology is a growing company, and is rapidly expanding like many growing companies. The recruitment video serves to showcase the work environment, with the goal of bringing on the right talent that is a good fit for the company.

Videos 11-15

Video Business Cards

Our team created video business cards for each of the key employees at First Line Technology. These videos are used in their email signatures and are featured on their website. We created a total of 5 Video Business Cards for First Line’s employees.

Custom Video Graphics

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